Saturday, April 30, 2011

Whew - I Survived

Last night was a whirlwind of people, clubs and music. It's all kind of a jumble in my head. But maybe that IS New Orleans.

While watching the Season 2 premiere of Tremé Sunday I noticed several characters were in a club called The Spotted Cat. So of course that's where we had to go. Awesome little place. So awesome that we had to get the T Shirt. Trouble was that they had two T Shirts: one with white writing and one with yellow. So Hoov asks the older guy sitting next to him which shirt he would recommend.

Older Guy: The yellow one.
Hoov: Why?
Older Guy: Because it's more yellow.

Alrighty then. How can you argue with that logic. But again, maybe that's New Orleans.

Frenchmen St., in a neighborhood outside the French Quarter, where the Spotted Cat is located is fantastic. Not nearly as crazy and loud as Bourbon St.

Bourbon Street. Eh. Been there and done that.

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