Monday, April 25, 2011

The Road Trip

Woohoo, it's almost here! Hoov and I meet in NOLA Friday to begin our blues road trip. Hot damn!

Discussions for this trip began a couple years ago and the trip has evolved and mutated several times. Originally planned to be a Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial road trip starting on the 20th anniversary of his death, at the site of his death in WI, and ending in Dallas or maybe Austin. Then it was a SRV/Jim Bazini Memorial road trip. Well, the anniversary of SRV's death came and went with no firm plans. Greg and I decided that since we seemed to be the only two showing real interest that we would just plan a blues road trip - and while the SRV Memorial aspect of the trip has fallen by the wayside I'm sure, without really discussing it with Greg, that the Bazini Memorial aspect of the trip is still vital. Anyway, the current plan is to start in NOLA at the Jazz and Heritage Festival (I've never been to NOLA), then Memphis, Nashville, Bloomington and Indy, and finally Chicago. And while we're still calling this our blues road trip I hope and plan to hear jazz, zydeco, country...

Come along for the ride!


  1. Looking forward to your dispatches. While you're in NOLA, I recommend a trip to St. Louis Cemetery ... and lay a rose at the tomb of Madame Marie Laveau! No sense starting this trip out on the wrong side of the voodoo spirits ...

  2. Good call Ron! I told Missy that if things go badly I might end up as gator bait. If so, I hope Hoov posts some pictures.